RNDR Creator Spotlight: Joaquin Vismarax

Joaquin Visamarax is an avid RNDR Creator with creativity built into his DNA

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5 min readSep 27, 2021


Joaquin Visamarax is a filmmaker, 3D artist and sound designer hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a long history as a creative dating back to his formative years as a child, Joaquin drew early inspiration from remixing toy sets, a skill he would later hone as a professional, with RNDR being key to his work today.

From a young age Joaquin has found inspiration from a variety of unique sources. He had access to computers and video games early on, giving him exposure to the digital world, allowing him to add to his inner creative mind. From comic book drawing classes to being inspired by the audio-visuals from skateboarding and hip-hop culture of the 90’s and early 2000’s to the electronic music scene in Detroit and Berlin, Joaquin’s passion for the unique has drawn his eyes across borders and mediums, which is reflected in his genre-bending career to date.

“My first memories were playing with Lego blocks, following instructions and then disarming the piece and building a more creative piece with the same elements.”

Joaquin began his career as an electronic music producer, sound designer and DJ. After devoting a decade establishing himself in the music industry, he went on to film school, learning the history and craftsmanship of filmmaking before entering the audio-visual industry. For the last eight years he has been directing music videos, short films, and doing 3D VFX and post production services for some of the largest names in the Argentinian and Latin American music scene. Now Joaquin has begun bringing his inspired work to the metaverse.

When asked about his start in crypto art, Joaquin found that once he saw the world and its limitless opportunities, this was where he as an artist was meant to be. Not only can it offer more than the mainstream digital art industry, but it presents itself as a new paradigm that can influence and question inequalities in freelancing for said industry. Joaquin speaks of a type of ‘currency’ that exists in mainstream production, where freelancers tend to get paid very little or work for free, compensated instead in a ‘currency’ of tags on platforms, all in the pursuit of their passion. As Joaquin found out firsthand, to be able to make it in this industry, you have to have come from a big budget background or risk little return. To the outsider, we are unaware of these difficulties and inequalities, but Joaquin saw that crypto can democratize this creative industry, correcting these disparities.

“The crypto space is an amazing space for digital artists. I have been doing digital all my life and the space, legitimating digital art with smart contracts technology and curated platforms, was mind blowing to me.”

Joaquin quickly found out the benefits the crypto world had to offer. He was added to a collective of artists from Argentina called CryptoArg, giving him the chance to learn about the crypto space in Argentina and jumpstarting his journey into the metaverse. Not only can crypto address inequalities and rebuild the broken foundation of industries, it has a significant benefit for economies.

“I also want to underline the financial impact that crypto art is having in emerging economies such as the Argentinian, where currency is less stable than the dollar, and the reality is that Ethereum is far more stable than the Argentinian Peso.”

In Argentina, GPUs are extremely expensive, with prices double or triple those found in the U.S.A, worsened by an economy constantly in recession. RNDR has been able to elevate Joaquin’s work as an artist, letting him make high quality renders that he couldn’t have made before, at an accessible cost. Not only that, while his artwork is rendering on the network, he can still continue using his computer for other personal and professional projects.

Artwork: Rip Trap

Joaquin is now an emerging crypto artist who has dropped his first few NFTs rendered on RNDR, combining art, video, and sound together. His artwork has been influenced by his life, becoming an expression of his long history of influences and experiences. His inspiration comes from urban culture, film nostalgia and how technology affects us all.

“If it wasn´t for RNDR, all my last projects, with the quality I want to achieve, and the time I have, wouldn’t have been possible.”

Each project has its own aesthetic related to a narrative. There are recurring audio-visual elements you can find true to Joaquin’s style, such as juxtaposed shots that create meaningful associations, surreal visuals, symmetrical compositions, stroboscopic light motifs, and the idea that sometimes, sound can overplay visuals.

Rucci Fashion was tokenized on Nifty Gateway as part of CryptoArg‘s drop “Siempre En Otra Parte.” The main theme of the collection was hyper-connectivity and what it means to live condemned to the screen. ‘Rucci Fashion’ denounces how fashion can be a hard drug, amplified by the social media antenna, hyper connecting the systemic inequality of luxury fashion.

RITUAL GEOMETRY is a collaboration with Lookattheparkinglot, a renowned artist and curator of the crypto ecosystem. It was recently tokenized on SuperRare and was shared as a special feature by the curation team. ‘RITUAL GEOMETRY’ represents the creative instant: The ritual act of transformation. How we occupy space, how we transform it, how, in fact, we create it. The making of a work of art is a ritual, sorcery perhaps.

Joaquin met Lookattheparkinglot thanks to the cryptoart ecosystem. It was the starting point of an exercise of collaboration and joint evolution. Sneak peak: they are crafting a series around RITUAL GEOMETRY coming soon on SuperRare.

Since discovering RNDR, Joaquin says he no longer renders animations on his PC. He can use his computer’s GPU power for visualization and send all the animations to the network at RNDR to do the heavy lifting. Before discovering RNDR, Joaquin would render a few frames and do a lot of compositing; but now he can render long, high quality animations for the foreground, midground and background thanks to RNDR. RNDR has opened the door to Joaquin and other emerging artists like him, democratizing global GPU power and opening a world of limitless creative possibilities.

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