OTOY and RNDR at NVIDIA’s GTC 2020: The Future of GPU Rendering & RNDR Roadmap

Jules Urbach, OTOY’s co-founder and CEO, will be presenting RNDR at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference — the premier event for NVIDIA’s next generation GPU graphics technology.

CEO and Founder of OTOY and RNDR will present a ‘State of the Union’ on the RNDR Roadmap at GTC 2020

In 2013, Jules Urbach, CEO and Co-Founder of OTOY, first introduced the GTC audience to the OctaneRender Cloud (ORC) alongside NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. Since then, the world of cloud rendering has come a long way. This year, Jules will once again bring to the GTC stage the latest technology aimed to disrupt the rendering world: RNDR, OTOY’s decentralized cloud rendering service, built on top of the blockchain and available to the public.

Each year NVIDIA, a world leader in GPU technologies, holds a series of GPU Technology Conferences commonly referred to as “GTC”. This annual reunion is the biggest event dedicated to graphics technology and its applications across an ever-growing number of fields: from high performance computing to virtual reality, to self driving cars and anything else you can imagine — the possibilities are endless! GTC has been expanding since its inaugural conference in 2009, growing out from San Jose into the global market, with versions in different countries worldwide including China, Taiwan, Munich, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo.

This year’s digital edition kicks off on October 5th, and offers five days of training, insights and direct access to experts from NVIDIA and other leading organizations working with GPU technology in their fields of work. Attendees can catch up on the latest progress made in their fields of interest, hearing directly from experts working with industry giants like Pixar, Google, Microsoft, Epic Games, Facebook, IBM and OTOY.

GTC gathers the very best of the world’s developers, designers, engineers, researchers and IT managers to share how GPU technology helps them address their graphic and computational challenges.

Among the industry leaders who will be sharing their insight into the world of visual computing will be OTOY and RNDR’s own Jules Urbach. A pioneer in computer graphics, streaming, and 3D rendering, Jules has been a household name at GTC since 2010. Jules shared the stage with NVIDIA Co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang during the opening keynote address at GTC 2013 to announce OctaneRender Cloud Edition, which would come to be the foundation of RNDR.

At GTC 2017, Jules discussed his vision for the future of the rendering industry and the role that OTOY and its products, such as OctaneRender and ORC, aimed to play in democratizing media and workflows. Since then, major research and development has been put towards achieving this vision, with the scope of progress expanding to encapsulate advancing fields such as the cryptocurrency space, harnessing the potential presented in this market through RNDR.

Touching on progress made in Lightfield, Holographic and VR/AR pursuits in his talks from GTC 2018 and 2019, Jules presented his outlook on the industry, along with updates across all of these fields in his digital seminar from this Spring’s conference: GTC 2020: Real-Time Raytracing, Holographic Displays, Light Field Media and RNDR Network.

Tune in October 8th, 10am Pacific Standard Time to see the latest news in all things graphics and RNDR. You won’t want to miss it!

The Future of GPU Rendering and Real-Time Raytracing [A21368] — Jules Urbach, CEO, OTOY, Inc.

  • Thurs., Oct. 8th, 13:00–13:50 EST |10:00–10:50 PST |19:00–19:50 CEST

Join Jules Urbach, CEO and co-founder of OTOY, as he details his roadmap and vision for the future of GPU rendering and how it will impact gaming, VFX, media, and design. He will detail how the future of media lies in holographics, lightfield technologies, and real-time rendering, and how OTOY is working to help drive that future through OctaneRender, Brigade, OTOY Sculptron, EmberGenFX, and RNDR.

Interested in similar talks at GTC 2020? Check out these talks from other pioneers in the GPU world:

GTC CEO Keynote [A21569] — Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO, NVIDIA

  • Mon., Oct. 5th, 9:00–11:00 EST | 6:00–8:00 PST |15:00–17:00 CEST

Don’t miss this keynote from NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang, as he speaks on the future of computing. Available beginning at 6 a.m. PST (UTC — 07:00) on Monday, Oct. 5th.

Rendering at the Speed of Light on Ampere [A21221]

  • Tues., Oct 6th, 12:00–12:50 EST | 9:00–9:50 PST|18:00–18:50 CEST

Nuno Subtil, Senior DevTech Engineer, NVIDIA

Ampere is the latest GPU architecture from NVIDIA, packed with improvements designed to accelerate real-time graphics applications. We’ll go over what’s new in Ampere and share our experience optimizing real-time rendering workloads for it. We’ll cover hardware improvements over the previous generation, best practices for application developers, and tooling improvements that will help you write high-performance graphics code for NVIDIA Ampere GPUs.

Cross-Platform Ray Tracing — Migrating from DXR to Vulkan [A21182]

  • Tues., Oct 6th, 13:00–13:50 EST | 10:00–10:50 PST | 19:00–19:50 CEST

Matthew Rusch, Senior Developer Technology Engineer, Graphics, NVIDIA

Modern graphics APIs offer performant low-level access to accelerated ray tracing, but with this control and flexibility comes complexity and nuance that can be a challenge for developers to navigate. This is a highlight reel of code migration from DirectX to Vulkan ray tracing — including missteps, obstacles and insights encountered along the way. We will also cover recommendations for tooling setup and techniques to get your ray tracing journey smoothly underway.

Material Interoperability Using Standard Formats [A21124]

  • Thur., Oct 8th, 9:00–9:50 EST | 6:00–6:50 PST | 15:00–15:50 CEST

Jan Jordan, Senior Software Product Manager, NVIDIA

Henrik Edstrom, Senior Software Architect, Graphics Technology, Autodesk

Learn how you can achieve material interoperability across many applications using standard formats such as MaterialX, Standard Surface, USD, and NVIDIA Material Definition Language.

What’s New in Optix 7.2 [A21134]

  • Thurs., Oct 8th, 11:00–11:50 EST | 8:00–8:50 PST |17:00–17:50 CEST

David Hart, Senior Systems Engineer (NVIDIA), Tony Kanell, Engineer (Sys SW, NVIDIA), Mark Leone (NVIDIA)

We’ll discuss strategies to achieve optimal ray tracing performance with OptiX 7.

For those that cannot attend, be on the lookout for a GTC 2020 recap blog in the future. We will be covering these talks as much as we can so the information reaches all of you out there that are interested, but can’t make it to the event! You’ll find updates, content outlines, videos and more through our social media channels, so stay tuned!

About GPU Technology Conference (GTC)

GTC is the premiere digital event for developers, researchers, engineers, and innovators looking to enhance their skills, exchange ideas, and gain a deeper understanding of how AI will transform their work. Discover the latest breakthroughs in AI, HPC, graphics, data science and more.

Join us online October 5–9 in the time zone and language that works best for you, and tune in October 8th, 10am Pacific Standard Time to see Jules’ address on all things RNDR.

— The RNDR Team

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